V Festival mobile app

If you're heading to the V Festival this year (it kicks off this Saturday in Sydney), head on over to the V Fest website and check out the free mobile app they're offering, called Festival Buddy. It includes maps, a day planner and the full line up of artists performing on the day. They say it should work with any WAP-enabled phone, but there's a compatibility list if you want to double check. If you're going on Saturday, see you there. :)


    I tried it last week.
    Hate to say it, but it sucks.

    It has a 'map' which is barely readable, links to 'content' (which is just ringtones which attract a charge)
    and each of those bits of content are loaded off the web live, (which, unless you are with Virgin and they are nice, costs money to download).

    In my opinion, it is not a standalone application and fails to serve my needs.
    A piece of paper will suffice.

    Heh you did better than me, I downloaded the app just fine but it didn't end up in my Applications folder and since I have a new phone I can't find where the damn app ended up. I fail at mobile apps. :)

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