UPDATE: How to install a phone jack - don't try this at home!

On Saturday we published an article on how to install a phone jack which was written by Gina for the Lifehacker US site. Over the weekend commenter PJB pinged us to let us know that, well, it's illegal to do this in Australia! Whoops!
I did some fact checking and according to ACMA -  The Telecommunications Cabling Provider Rules 2000 tell us that "all customer cabling work in the telecommunications, fire security and data industries must be performed by a registered cabler".
We apologise for running the story encouraging illegal and revolutionary cabling activity - it got through despite our usual fact checking and localising efforts because I wasn't up on my cabling laws. Thanks for pointing out the error, PJB.


    This sounds odd.

    Does this mean you can't install your own Cat5e network cabling throughout the rooms of your home, as this is likely to fall under telecommunications/data?

    If you mean plugging things into an existing wall socket, that's fine. It's the actual installation of the wall socket which is the problem, as I understand it.

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