UK Managers: remote working is the future

A poll of senior managers in the UK about what they expect the workforce to look like in 2018 shows they're expecting trends like remote working and home working to become the norm.
The Guardian's written up an interesting article on the results of the poll, which was conducted by the Chartered Management Institute. They say it's the "first attempt by captains of industry and commerce to predict how their organisations may look 10 years in the future."
The poll of 1,000 senior executives found that 74% expected that distributed, "virtual teams of employees", would become the norm by 2018. It also predicted a proliferation of "virtual" companies, often small community-based enterprises without conventional business premises.
Not that radical an idea is it? I know heaps of computing and writing types who already work this way.

Wave goodbye to the nine to five [The Guardian via Brazen Careerist]


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