Grr I hope the rumour that Seven may dump TiVo before it even reaches the market here is wrong. Nick over at Gizmodo pointed out an SMH report which said Seven may give up on importing the cult American PVR in favour of joining forces with the other free to air stations and their “Freeview” PVR which is being mooted to go up against Foxtel’s IQ. Let the consumers decide, please, not a consortium. 🙁


  • I commented on the Giz story too, and I realise now why it bothers me.

    Because it is so /polarizing/. All the companies are making their little camps, and the customers get caught in the middle.

    Seven is a /tv station/. It shouldn’t /care/ what PVR we use, or if we choose to use Foxtel and not FTA. All it should care about is that, whichever choice we make, we can watch their content.

    What is happening, instead, is that you have to choose – do you want to be able to watch 7, so you choose the ‘Freeview’ box, or do you want the expanded channels and such on cable, in which case you choose the IQ box or whatever Optus’ version is.

    It’s stupid. I should be able to choose, do I want TiVo, or IQ, or Freeview? And whichever I choose, I should be able to use with either FTA, Foxtel, Optus, whatever.

    *sigh* But as usual in Australia, it’s not about the customers, it’s about the politics and infighting.

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