Tips for improving your people skills

If you're not naturally gregarious or 'charming', people skills can seem like things that other people have, not you. The blog had an interesting article which talked about the things you can do to get better at building rapport with people.
Some of them might seem quite obvious - smile at people, listen to them, use eye contact. But if you're naturally shy or introverted, even these things might seem difficult to you. I guess the thing to remember is that people (yourself included!) are very tuned in to body language - we can spot a fraud, or a fake smile, a mile away.
So if you're trying to get over a habit like looking at your shoes instead of the person you're talking to, by all means try some of the tactics mentioned, but remember that *a little goes a long way*.
A lot of this boils down to how relaxed you are around other people. As you relax, you'll be able to trust your own instincts more, and you won't need to remind yourself to do things like smile or make eye contact. As a bonus, your relaxed body language will be apparent to other people and they'll relax around you too.

How to improve your rapport development


    I haven't read the article yet, but the old trick I use is that if you can't look someone in the eyes, just focus on the bridge of their nose, they'll never know the difference! ;)

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