The Dave Laptop Stand

Weblog Geeksugar raves about the Dave laptop table from Ikea, a small, sturdy, and inexpensive solution for taking your laptop away from the desk and into your living room. The Dave (oh Ikea, you and your names!) features adjustable height and angle, and can double as a TV tray or simple end table when you're not computing. If you've been looking for a better way to surf the internet from the comfort of your couch, the $US25 Dave might be just the ticket.


    Been using these for a while as laptop tables. Very handy.

    I have found that when tilted, the laptop slowly slides down 'Dave' until you have to pick it up and move it back to the top again, or, if you're out of the room, it falls onto the floor.

    I also have a Dave and also have the slipping problem when it's tilted. I have a Dell Latitude D620. My brother has the same issue - I don't know what manufacturer his Laptop is but it's not a Dell.
    I've contacted Ikea but they didn't take this very serious and said that nobody raised that with them so far and that I can bring the Dave back and get a refund.
    Please, if you also have this problem then tell Ikea about it - If there are enough people calling they realize it's a general problem and maybe come up with a fix or a improved version.
    --> Apart from this I love my Dave but It's very dangerous for my Laptop ;(

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