The Best Medical Advice at Your Fingertips

Empower yourself with the most accurate medical advice online by utilizing the tools available to you online. CNN proposes that you filter out websites that are not backed by medical professionals and to only focus your energy on those that do have medical credence. Additionally, seek out bloggers who have the same disease so that you can learn more about their personal experiences. Chances are, they have done some substantial research themselves and have linked to the most powerful resources on the subject matter as well which gives you access to additional useful guides and articles. Study the organisations and people who post to determine whether their goal is informational (versus marketing). In the former case, you're usually given more objective information. Combine all tools available to you because nothing works alone. Be curious and view the medical advice from all angles before accepting anything as truth.


    I limit myself to consuming one meal per day. I also exercise daily by bicycling 10 miles and swimming 2 miles. Will this behaviour eventually injure me in any way, both physically or mentally? My meal consists of a mixture of mixed beans,mixed vegitables, mixed nuts and fruit salad all combined. I have now been on this diet for more than one year.

    The last couple of days I have been getting a vibrating, Futtering, pulse in my pelvis area. It isn't going away. I have tried to do pelvic exercise and pushing against it but it will not stop.

    i seem to be loosing my hair at the front of my head an on the sides,it looks very thin and you can see my scalp.i'm very scared that i might be loosing my hair please help.

    Personally , i wouldnt pay too much attention to anything CNN,FOX or any other american dispenser of err "information" has to say,as objectivity is impossible when motive is profit..I bet CNN
    didnt tell you Alcohol and Cigarettes Kill more people than all illicit drugs combined either... CNN and most american media are in the business of dumbing down,promoting ignorance and the "Prison Industrialist Complex".. If Pfizer or Bayer wants CNN to say think they do it for they benifit of humanity or to hook people on their new wonder-drug..
    Its all a scam just like the war on drugs and the war on terror
    Whatever you do..stay away from americans when it comes to edical /drug advice..

    I've been trying to fall pregnant since i got married almost a year ago. All that seems to be happening is at the time of my period, I get big/small which looks like blood clots coming out of me. Can you please explain to me what this could mean?
    Yours Sincerely

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