Take advantage of the weak $US dollar on eBay

If you're interested in offloading some of your unwanted household goods, eBay can help you declutter your home, and bring in some extra cash. The Anywired blog today lists five reasons why it's a good time to try out selling on eBay - and the standout reason for me was being able to take advantage of the Aussie dollar's current strength against the greenback (the US dollar currently buys around $AU1.07).

"The positive in the devaluation of the US dollar is that prices have not yet adjusted upwards, so buying cheaply in the United States and selling at a 50% - 100% markup worldwide is a viable option. Many buyers haven’t yet cottoned on to this and will only search for items in their local listings. It’s possible to buy certain items in the US, mark up the price by 80%, and still come under RRP in Australia, for example."

While eBay's been criticised for increasing charges and changing its feedback system, it remains one of the largest auction sites online.  If you have any tips for being a successful eBay seller, please share in comments.

5 Good Reasons to Start Dabbling in eBay [Anywired]


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