shines at SXSW conference

I spotted a blog writeup over at Wired about a scheduling app called which was designed to give attendees of the conference a simple to use online tool for planning their time at the conference.

"The website displays the entire conference calendar, covering the interactive, film and music events plus parties and unofficial galleries, on a dynamic, easily customizable web page. The site has proven itself to be a godsend to overwhelmed attendees trying to figure out where to go, when to get there, what the most popular events are and who you'll see once you arrive."

Underwire describes as the hit of SXSW, and I have to admit the web interface looks great. was tailored for SXSW but I hope and assume that the developers will be looking at opening up this tool for use by other conferences. Even better, open source it. :)

SXSW: This year's Twitter? A simple scheduling app that brings order to the masses [Underwire - Wired]


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