Save Money by Refilling Brita Filters

Save Money by Refilling Brita Filters
Whether Brita filters really give you better-tasting or cleaner water is a subject for debate, but most agree on one point—paying $5 or more for each 3-month replacement filter isn’t very fun. But with a bit of time and the right supplies—a sharp utility knife (and/or drill), a cheap polyethylene plug, and an activated carbon mix from an aquarium store—you can refill an old filter over and over again for far less cost. The hardest part seems to be getting just the right size hole in the top of your filter; after that, you treat the refilled filters as if they were new. Thanks, Jamie!


  • Why bother… seriously. Brita water does taste better, there no doubt there. I live in Melbourne and we have some of the best tap water in the world, but I can tell immediately when I’m given a glass of tap water, or water from my Brita. It’s night and day. I drink/use a LOT of water from my Brita and change the filter once a month at a cost of about AUD$11 from the local Safeway supermarket. Am I being ripped off… Not IMO. I pay $11/month for as much clean, fresh, pleasant tasting water that doesn’t gunk up any of my appliances (coffee machine, kettle, rice cooker, etc etc..). My stainless steel kettle is 3 years old and has ONLY ever had Brita water in it. I can still see my (ugly) face in the bottom of the empty kettle after three years of use.

    So with all those benefits and advantages for such a low cost per litre of filtered water. WHY in heck would I want to mess around making my own filter medium, when I can pay a tiny amount and know that what I am getting is quality controlled, made for the intended purpose, by people who do this as a business. There’s a reason my Brita filter comes in a sealed foil pouch, and has been certified for human use. How’s the quality control of the stuff shoveled from the bin at the aquarium joint where they probably have all sorts of other animals and who KNOWS what else on site…

    Yeah.. Reckon I’ll stick to getting screwed by the evil Brita/Safeway consortium thanks 🙂

  • Mostly agree with Tim, however Brita filters do not effect the mineral content of water. Have at look at: “Jim Schulman’s Insanely Long Water FAQ”. I think your tap water might be better than you think and wouldn’t scale up your machines anyhow.

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