Turn off your Macbook Pro faster by disabling safe sleep mode

As the amount of memory in Mac notebooks has grown, it takes longer to put them to sleep because OS X defaults to writing the entire contents of memory to disk before going to sleep. APC magazine Web Editor Dan Warne offers up two ideas for solving the slow-to-sleep problem:

You can disable the safe sleep mode by opening the terminal and typing:

sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0

And to get safe sleep mode back, change the "0" to a "3".

Another option is to use freeware app Smartsleep, a preference pane which gives you the option of letting your notebook just sleep when the battery is close to fully charged, or if the battery level drops below a certain point it will switch to sleep and hibernate. As Dan says, if you usually work with your Macbook plugged into a powerpoint, this is ideal.

How to turn off slow sleep/hibernate mode on a Macbook Pro [Dan Warne]


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