Protect your garden with beer

mmmbeer.pngAh, beer. Fans of the amber stuff may not wish to share their tipple, but according to the Wise Bread blog you can put beer to several uses in your garden - as a slug killer, and to help protect your garden visitors from bees.

Salt is a traditional slug-killer, but as the post says "that means you have to find them first":

"Instead, entice them with a little beer, which slugs love. Simply pour a little into some empty jars and place them in the soil, with the rims of the jars at ground level. The slugs will drop in for a drink, but they can’t get back out. And what a way to go; Certainly better than the salt-shriveling death."

Bees and wasps are also beer fans, apparently. So if you're entertaining outdoors, you can place some small containers of beer around the perimeter of your yard or garden, and the bees will flock to the sugary treat and leave your guests alone.

Photo by thesaint.

21 Great Uses for Beer [Wise Bread]


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