Penelope Trunk launches Brazen Careerist blog network

penelope.pngCareer advice blogger Penelope Trunk has launched a career blog network called Brazen Careerist. The network of 50 young bloggers will focus on Gen Y professional and entrepreneurial issues.
The headline story over there at the moment is "Improve your life with video games" and I spotted another story about how to use entrepreneurship for social change - both in keeping with the ethos of Penelope's own blog: "advice at the intersection of work and life".
I'm a little older than Gen Ys but I recently read Penelope's book Brazen Careerist and found a lot of the things she identified as important to Gen Y are important to me too - ie work life balance, having fun and learning on the job and feeling like an important part of the team. So I don't think the "Gen Y" label should put older careerists off reading. I look forward to reading more from their blog network. :)


    Ummm...maybe include a link to the new network in your post?

    People are people, aren't they, and not fundamentally different generation to generation. Although it's true I s'pose that each generation is molded by the cultural influences and general externalities in play at the time. But I think we've reached a point of diminishing returns of significance through the application of the far too high res filter that purports to sort gen x from gen y and presumably gen z coming up fast. As one of those much despised and maligned baby boomers I can tell you that in my day we didn't even have such a thing as "generations"; and that when we finally identified and understood the thing it was only in terms of the so-called g-gap between offspring and their creators. If anything, that gap has narrowed rather than widened since the "glory days" (irony intended) of the post war era. One thing is for sure, and that is that we sure do have a lot more meetings today than ever we did in the past. As illustrated in my blog Doodlemania

    Fixed! Thanks for pointing it out.

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