Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has made the first nine tracks of his new album available for free download from his website - but before you head over there - the site's been swamped and is now offline for repairs! The welcome message says they were hit by three times as much traffic as they'd expected. It points users to the various places they can buy the album, and also points the P2P crowd towards the official torrent of the first nine tracks at the Pirate Bay. We haven't been serious Trent fans in a few years but it's such a relief to see someone "getting" the online distribution model I want to download it to say THANKS!


    Whole album is CREATIVE COMMONS.

    How awesome is that?...

    If you're interested there is torrents of the whole thing too.

    But I seriously suggest buying *something* from the site - people who encourage a new distribution system and so important a shift in the industry deserve the cash!

    (also the $300 version... 2500 of them... So thats... $750 000 right there? Right?)

    Yep, very cool. And *all* of the limited edition expensive ones ($300ish) have already sold out.

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