New Sydney Googleplex - not as cool as Zurich? :(

It's no secret that Google's building a new Sydney office since their current digs in Sussex Street were sold some months ago. Fellow building mates Fairfax already relocated across the pond next door to the casino, and Google's on the move to Workplace6 in Pyrmont.
They made the formal announcement about this today, and they released this "artist's impression" of what their new custom-built Sydney Googleplex will look like:
googleplex sydney.PNG

Sydney's Googlers will move into the new building in 2009. The press release was long on "dull but worthy" details such as "Workplace6 is NSW's first 6 Star Green Star building, going above and beyond green office standards for Australia."
We can only assume from the brevity of the press release that Google Australia has conceded that Google Zurich - which features a fireman's pole or a slide to get you down to the  ground floor in a quick and  fun fashion - reigns supreme as the "cool" Google office. Aww.
I tried to grab Google's head of engineering Alan Noble before he was whisked off at the end of the press conference but I'll ask my question here and hope that someone at Google will fill us in. Where's the fun, Google? We want to hear about the cool geek chillout areas you're building into the Sydney Googleplex!!!  What toys are the engineers getting? We want the details! :)


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