Must-Have Keyboard Shortcuts and Tweaks for the Windows Command Line

Weblog Digital Inspiration dives into the Windows command line prompt, serving up several useful command line shortcuts and a few worthwhile tweaks for customising the command line to your liking. Apart from an overview of some of the more useful function keys and their effects (which we've covered before, and of which F7 is the king), the post also covers simple-but-useful tweaks, like how to change the colour scheme of the window.

For instance, if you want to have a white background with black text, type colour F0 and press enter. To revert to the original colour scheme, type colour without any arguments. For a list of all available colours, type colour /? on the command line.

AU - Hmm, are command lines US-centric? I'm thinking you may need to type "color".

Tweaking the colour may seem superfluous, but if you do a lot of work there, finding a colour combo that's easy on your eyes is a must. If you roll with Cygwin, OS X, or Linux, here are more tips on customization.


    Yep, on my WinXP, I need to use color. " 'colour' is not recognized (sic) as an internal or external command... " (And so is 'coor', as I just found out!)

    Of course if you wanted the 'correct' spelling, you could make a batch file called colour.bat (or colour.cmd) containing:

    @echo off
    color %*

    (I have this dream of 'dinki-fying' my computer. Instead of 'yes', 'no', 'ok', 'cancel', it would say 'yeah', 'nah', 'alrigghht', 'stuff that' or similar.)

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