A tip for Sydney drivers - you can get a parking ticket even when you've moved your car!

Here's a tip to help you avoid a parking fine if you're a Sydney driver - moving your car just a  few spots (or even around the corner) before the expiry of a timed parking restriction may not be enough to avoid getting a parking ticket.
The SMH reported yesterday that a woman lost her appeal against a $79 parking fine she was given even though she moved her car before the 2-hour parking limit expired, into a spot around the corner.
To avoid a parking fine, you need to leave the "parking sector" - and it looks like that's a bit of a grey area:

"A parking sector... is usually an area between two [sign-posted]one-directional arrows, unless indicated otherwise. Generally a zone would not extend beyond one street, but we'd have to check with [the]council if this is the case here."

The woman who was fined was parked in One Island Drive, Pyrmont. It sounds like enforcement is at the discretion of the council involved - so you may want to check with your local council about how they define "parking sectors" or play it safe and drive a decent distance away if you have to move your car.


    Yep. I've been stung by this before. Thank you, Sutherland Shire Council!

    I was booked for 10 minutes in a 2 hour zone once. I could not 'prove' that I had not left my car overnight so I ended up pleading guilty and the judge let me off without a fine.

    I drive a motorbike thinking it will help me to avoid traffic and it would be easier to find a parking spaces. Gee, I was wrong! I have spent so much money on parking tickets, I won't lie if I say that I have gotten a parking ticket every month!
    I use my bike to come to work, and I park it on the same spot, in between 2 cars, so I don't take an entire space. So far, I gotten the following parking tickets there
    1. Stayed longer than the time allowed (2 hours)
    2. Not displaying the paid parking ticket (gee! where do they want me to display the ticket, it's a motorbike!)
    3. Parked outside the perimeter. (by bike was on the dividing line!)

    You might say why do you keep parking there, right?
    - I use my bike to commute from home to work, so I have to use it
    - Around my office, all parking regulations are the same
    - I have talked to some park rangers and they told me that I will be ok parking the bike there

    There are no clear laws on motorbike parking, on the RTA website it says that we follow the same rules for the cars, but we are different! We take less space, we cannot display a paid parking ticket on the windshield, and doesn't the government want to reduce the amount of petrol used in the environment and reduce traffic as well?!?!

    If someone can point me to an authority so they can work out NSW parking regulations, please, please let me know!

    Parking rules and fines and general etiquette are obscene in Sydney. Fines are issued in a nazi over-the-top fashion that has nothing to do with safety and danger and much to do with raising revenue. The selfish parking of many sydney drivers is sickening - often 2 cars are parked where 3 cars could have been parked. The cost of parking garages and meters is utterly obscene and I think that the authorities involved are bullying thugs, as are most authorities in this so-called "lucky-country". Ha! Very little lucky about this over-regulated shables of a bully syndrome - fuck everybody and make yourself richer. Frankly, I think it stinks awfully and is indicative of the bullying and nazi behaviour of authorities here. I caanot understang how the public just keep on accepting this sort of utter bullshit.

      Hi Tim

      I absolutely agree with you, this behaviour from councils is A SHAME for Australia.

        I am a tradesman that drives from job to job 6 days a week. So far I pay a bout $2000 a year on average for things like 5 minutes over in a parking spot, or 64Klms in a 60 zone. I would love to fight back but you cant. No one to tell or listen for that matter. Australia is becoming a shit place to live, and far to expensive for me. Time to go on th dole I think. Screw the Government and their revenue raising crap.

    I agree with Tim Hine, Its disgusting the way bikers are treated in Sydney. They should have free parking areas all over the city and travel toll free to encourage more bikes on the road. As you say they are greener and reduce congestion.
    Im fairly new to Sydney and was caught out with a $189 parking fine in Enmore. 10pm and i stopped in a no stopping section for 5 mins to get some food after driving round for half an hour looking for a space. Thats the most expensive kebeb ive ever had! I realise i was taking a risk but the car wasnt in anyones way and was not a hazard. I figured possibly a $50 fine if by chance i was caught but $189 is extortion. My lesson was learned but still lets get real. A speeding fine isnt that much is it? It all seems a bit out of perspective to me. Im sure I will find out more about the Sydney way of life as my time here goes on. I used to ride a bike but the advantages here seem minimal.

      I know the feeling. Got done for a no stopping ticket too in paddington - the sign was pratically hidden by a tree, it cost me $197 - extortion.

    Rolling the car in the same parking spot I can understand - but moving the car into a different spot should definately reset the clock - especially the case if they are happy to take your money in the parking metre! I've basically given up on the on-street parking. I worked out if I add up all the parking fines I get - plus the cost of parking it ends up adding up to more than paying to park in a car park where over stay just adds a few dollars to the tab. I've found this website www.sydneyparking.info and it finds you the cheapest car park so if you use the cheapest car park each time - it actually ends up being cheaper over time!

    I feel strongly that many thousands of us Sydney residents should simply refuse to pay the various fines that are doled out when there are often no available parking spaces. A few weeks ago I was handcuffed and frog-marched to a police cell for an hour or so when I was walking away from a club after the 1:30 am deadline for re-entry and two idiot savant cops arrested mme for their entertainment and fun. I am now expected to pay a $550 fine when I scrape by on a disabilty pension as my only income. Please email me if you interested in setting up a 'comm.au' website that protests and refuses to pay such delinquent fines issued by people with less intelligence in their heads than I have in my bum on a bad bum day!

    Tim why were you at a club when you are on the disability pension. I see too many people that are too disabled to work but go clubbing. Clubbing is more exhausting that most jobs. Just my opinion. I agree with your other comment about parking fines.

    Disabled does not just mean physically in a wheelchair.

    its these fines here and there there that runs the country, hypocrites, hope and really hope to see them in the midst of hellfire for what they have done to humanity and still doing it

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