Melbourne commuters can travel for free before 7am


The new Early Bird Metcard ticket will let Melbourne commuters travel free on Connex trains if they arrive before 7am. The new scheme starts on 31 March.

The ticket is valid for travel between any 2 stations, not just travel into the CBD, but doesn’t cover your travel home in the afternoon.

Connex said commuters travelling in zones 1 and 2 could save up to $47.20 a fortnight if they use the new scheme.
For more info check out the Early Bird FAQ.

The scheme, designed to reduce peak hour congestion, is being looked at by the NSW government and may be implemented in Sydney too – let’s hope sooner rather than later.


  • It’s a complete waste of time. Who can start work before 7am?!?!?! And even then, you leave at what, 3pm? You pay for that trip and cop the school rush which leads onto the worker rush so it’s packed trains all the way. It is a band aid solution to a system that is failing badly (something I hear you Sydney-siders know all too well). Hell, even the road lobby today has told the Victorian government we need better public transport. That’s how bad it is!

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