Lose less money next time you visit the casino

If you’re into social gambling, you might be interested in Dumb Little Man’s tips for enjoying a trip to Vegas while still sticking to your budget.
He recommends that you resist the temptation to trade your full bankroll for chips at the start of the night, recommending that you start by converting just half of it into chips.

“The reason for this is two-fold: mentally, it’ll be easier for you to walk away with cash versus chips, and secondly, once you have all chips, it’s difficult to get your money back; dealers will not cash you out. To get cash back, you are forced to find the cage which entails walking by eighty other game tables, cheering crowds, waiting in line, etc. That’s a lot of temptation you can avoid simply by retaining some cash.”

If you win, he suggests planning to walk away at the end of the night with some of your winnings in your pocket. To achieve this, put aside half of your winnings rather than betting (and possibly losing) the whole lot.
He also recommends that you focus on games which give you more bang for your buck – for example – a single thrower at the Craps table can last up to 15 minutes, while a Blackjack hand can be over in just 2 minutes.

And finally some practical advice – stick to one drink an hour. Or, if you want to drink more, move to the bar for a while and put your gambling on hold. As he says, the drinks are often comped for a reason!

Got any tips for how to enjoy gambling in moderation? Share in comments please.

How to lose less on your Vegas vacation [Dumb Little Man]

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