Apply self-knowledge to help guide your career

If you're facing career indecision, one way to help clear things up is to focus on yourself, rather than the job market, Penelope Trunk blogged today. She says she learned this after she finished college and went for a job which was a total mismatch for her:

"I realized that the ways I choose to make money reflect who I am and how I see myself, and I needed to start seeing myself as smart and clever."

In other words, the way you chose to spend your workdays reflects who you are and how you see yourself.

The goal? To work towards a career that honours your identity - bearing in mind that as you change, your career goals may well change as well.

I had a similar "mismatch" moment early in my career too - so Penelope's post really rang true for me. Early on, I missed out on a journalism job that I wanted (curse you, Vive magazine!) and was so disheartened I turned my back on journalism for several years. But the bug was still there, so finally I enrolled in a postgrad journalism course to improve my skills and qualifications, and I've been working as a journo ever since.

If you need a kick up the bum motivation wise, I suggest you read Penelope's post. :)

In other news, it's probably a good time to remind everyone that our career tips competition is still open - so head on over to the competition post and submit your best resume or job hunting tip to win a Google notebook.

The best career tool is self-knowledge [Penelope Trunk]


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