Instantly Eject a Specific USB Drive

Following up on last week's guide to creating a shortcut to Windows' Safely Remove Hardware dialog, the How-To Geek weblog details how to set up a shortcut or hotkey to immediately eject a specific USB drive, particularly handy if you typically only use one USB drive on your computer. The guide uses previously mentioned app USB Disk Ejector in conjunction with its command line options to create simple shortcuts for specific drive ejection. When you're finished, you should be able to instantly eject any drive with a couple of quick keystrokes without clicking through menus. These shortcuts would be perfect to index with Launchy for quick access.


    This has always confused me. I was under the impression that one of the SPs for XP (forget which one) fixed this issue so that USB drives never had their write caching turned on. Which made them safe to just pull out. I have never, ever ejected a USB drive and have never suffered data loss from just pulling it out after I had finished saving.

    Of course my memory could be fatally flawed and the next time I do it I'll lose everything. But I thought at the time this SP fix was supposed to be a really big deal?

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