Install PowerPoint Viewer 2007 to get Vista Fonts in XP

Windows only: If there's only a few things most Microsoft Vista upgraders and naysayers can agree upon, one likely talking point is that Vista's fonts are generally clean, smooth, and a step up from XP. Getting the newer fonts in XP doesn't have to involve illegal downloads and system tweaking, however—as the gHacks tech blog points out, simply installing Microsoft's PowerPoint Viewer 2007 installs a bundle of Vista fonts in XP that you can use as your system defaults. Once installed, head to your display properties, then hit the Appearance tab to select a system-wide font. You'll also want to enable ClearType, which, luckily, we've covered before. PowerPoint Viewer 2007 is a free download for Windows only.


    The C fonts - especially Calibri are beautiful multi-purpose fonts, quite small but very clear. Arial looks like a tired washed out older uncle, decidedly over the hill. Verdana is still smart but Segoe adds a bit of spice while Trebuchet is looking better with each year that passes.
    And aren't we a bit tired of Times New Roman hogging the conversation especially with Constantia there adding a bit of flare (free font Fontin might be better than the lot!)

    power point viewer helps in showing all the powerpoint videos sent vis email

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