How to stop programs adding start up entries?

I just had a question emailed in by Edward, who asks:

"I'm looking for an application that runs on startup, detects any applications that have been added to the startup menu, then shuts itself down (to preserve memory). Is such an app possible?
Or, is there a way to run such a startup restorer just before shutting down to achieve the same results?
I know there are programs that stay resident and monitor changes, but this takes up memory and processor time."
Good question, Edward, and not one I can answer. So I'm throwing the question out to the Lifehacker readers at large - anyone able to help?


    This is not exactly what you were looking for, but it goes a long way. Startup Delayer from will certainly give you a very good heads up on what is starting in the background.

    This doesn't quite do everything desired... but it's good nonetheless.

    I use Startup Monitor, a small utility (~60kb memory footprint) that runs transparently in the background for real-time detection of programs trying to add items at startup. It's not exactly what Edward is after, but it's the closest thing that I know.

    AFAIK, Spybot S&D also has a similar real-time startup protection feature (though I don't think it's enabled by default).

    No such app exists - you'd need to code it yourself. I assume that you are running on some seriously old hardware if memory and CPU usage is at a premium. Startup Monitor is what I use too and is absolutely sensational. The small memory footprint is more than worth it for the job it's done for me for the past few years.

    I wish I knew how to code it myself, or the functionality was built into Windows Defender.

    Meanwhile, I had a look at StartupMonitor. Another person has recreated the tool and updated it for Vista and added some essential features.

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