How to Install a Phone Jack

How to Install a Phone Jack
AU UPDATE: Undertaking any cabling work in Australia requires a cabling qualification – so please don’t try this at home. See this updated post for further information.
When you want to run your landline to the guest room, you don’t have to call the phone company. Installing your own phone jack is a surprisingly simple operation, and home improvement guy Danny Lipford runs down how to go about it, with step-by-step photos. I’m not much of a Bob Vila myself, but I have actually done this, so I can attest that it only involves a bit of super-simple wiring that can save you cash and a lost morning waiting for the phone company technician to show up.


  • Another article that has hardly any relevance to lifehackers Topic blurb. Good job lifehacker, ur articles are getting worse and worse each day.

    “When you want to run your landline to the guest room, you don’t have to call the phone company”

    Did you even read the article before posting this garbage? The article was great, for what it was…..NOT installing a phone jack in a guest room

  • Of course this is a direct “reprint” of a Lifehacker article from the parent US site.
    There doesn’t appear to have been any work done by Lifehacker Australia to actually validate the content. Why bother having a .au domain if you are not going to customise the material for Oz?
    It is still illegal in Australia to wire your own Phone Computer and/or Cable TV points unless you hold the correct license.

  • Wiring your own cabling is so easy, it should be illegal to charge people to install it for them without letting them do it themselves. It’s almost un-Australian the way it is currently in this country.
    I recommend doing it yourself, and getting a sparky friend to come certify it, if absolutely necessary.

    • Well I tried to do it myself… Now the new socket works (upstairs) but one of the 3 old ones (downstairs) doesn’t. Is there a limit on the number of sockets that can be active? or is there some further secret I need?

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