How Many Lifehacker Posts Do You Want Per Day?

Time for a quick break from the life hackin' to get your opinion, dear readers. Do we post too many items here per day? Too few? Is it just right? After the jump, please indulge us with your thoughts on the matter.

Note: Right now we publish about 19 posts a day on the front page. Our top stories (available as a feed), contains about 6 items per day. A single feature story gets published per weekday (also available as a feed).

This poll refers to the total number of posts we put out per day.

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Thanks for your time answering this quick poll, and letting any other opinions about post counts fly in the comments. As always, we're trying to make the site work as best it can for you.


    I do tend to find there are more posts than I have time to read. Of course, not all of them are going to be relevant to me anyway, but a few less would give me a greater chance of actually reading the relevant ones.

    I have found that the quality of posts have been lacking of late. I would prefer a few really good posts.

    I find there's more posts than I can keep up with. If we can't have less posts, can we at least filter out all the explicit US-specific ones from the AU feed?

    i think 10-15 is about right. Do not have time or inclination for more, per day.

    The post count is about right, but one thing that does irritate me is the non-specific nature of post headlines. The other day a post was titled 'Guardian'... thats all. So what could it have been about? an article about PeerGuardian? Some new piece of security software? No.. it was about the Guardian Newspaper's List of Top 50 Most Influential Blogs. Why couldn't that be put in the headline? As it stands at the moment, it can be very frustrating for readers who follow the blog in an RSS accumulator.

    Filter out all the American ones! (but make a note so that you blog about them when they're available in Australia)

    Less cross-pollination between the Gawker blogs would be nice. It's annoying to see the same post come up on LH, LHA, Gizmodo, etc, etc. Sometimes I will see a post 4 times, and it's like... W T F? Why have seperate blogs at all if they are all just going to be the same content? Yet, there is just enough difference that you can't just follow one. Grrr.

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