How Do You Develop Muscle Mass?

Weblog Ririan Project shares good advice on how to build up muscle mass in no time. Protein consumption is an important part of the mix.

Muscle = protein. In order for muscle tissue to repair itself after your weight-training sessions it needs an abundance of protein.

Good sources of protein include eggs, chicken, cheese, and seafood. What does your muscle mass buildup diet look like? Share your workout tips and eating habits in the comments. Photo by victoriapeckham.


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    I am really amazed at how it has helped me. I am finding that I am developing muscle mass much easier than I used to. Without a lot of exercise, it looks like I have actually been working out a lot. I have also found that my back muscles feel a lot better after regular and heavy lifting. I carried a large tv uspstairs, with the help of a friend. I had to grab it down low, over and over again with each step, and I was at the top end so I really had to bend. I was sure my back with be very soar for a few days but suprisingly, my back muscles recovered very quickly and I wasnt even soar the next day.

    I also find myself less nervous talking to people in general. I attribute this to the Tribulus as I am convinced that it has restored my natural levels where they had been lacking. I am a huge fan and will continue with the Dr. Max Powers brand.

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