GPS risk?

The RACV is warning motorists that they may be at risk of a house break-in if their GPS system is stolen from their car. Since most GPS units have a "navigate to home" function, it would be simple enough to work out where the owner lives. Apparently someone in the UK lost a sports car that way, but I'd rate it as pretty unlikely unless your car is far from home when they steal your GPS. If it looks like you are on holidays, that always makes your home more vulnerable for a breakin - which is why you should get someone to collect your mail and put your bins out while you're away.


    What we do - to avoid this - is we have set 'home' to be the local police station! In reality when we get within 30 kms of hoime we don't need the GPS - and if they were stupid enough to drive to the police station then we may well have told the coppers to look out for them!

    Works for us

    I saw this about 6months to a year ago on a UK show called the The Real Hustle i think.

    What happens is that a person will take their car to a valet parking place and drop the car off. But the guy who take the car is not actually working there. He just has a uniform that looks like someone that should be working there. He then waits for the car owner to go into the shopping center(or whatever)Then drives off. But the owner of the car has left the GPS device in the car. The stealer turns it on, hits the HOME button and then, knowing you are not home, proceeds there to rob you blind. A few points

    -Don't trust a guy in a uniform that could be working at a valet place. Ask for some ID etc.
    -Don't leave your GPS in the car if you can take it with you
    -If you can't take your GPS with you(built in one) Then don't program you house address under home. Maybe make up a name and put it in there. Better yet don't have it in there at all. If you don't know you house address then you should probably not be driving.

    GPS is the way to future. I see in next 20 years or so , may be no vehicle in our countries will be without gps. However , cost is still a problem , specially in developing nations. But I am sure , with increase in demand the cost will come down. Nice blog.

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