Govt seeks input on broadband

Senator Stephen Conroy, Federal Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy has throw open the door to hear public submissions on the state of broadband in Australia. The public comments will be fed through to the Panel of Experts who are developing the National Broadband Network Request for Proposals (or in other words, writing the specs and assessing the proposals put forward for building Australia's next generation of broadband infrastructure).
They're operating with a mandate to supply download speeds of at least 12 megabits per second  - which suggests to this tech-head that they're not being ambitious enough. So if you want to give reasons why we should have unmetered broadband, not be charged for uploads, or address any of the other bugbears of broadband in Australia, now's your chance.
Further information on the National Broadband Network process and Panel of Experts is available on the Departmental website. Submissions need to be made by snail mail or email to [email protected] by March 30. 


    Prioritising internet accessibility could have very positive outcomes for householders, businesses, and the environment.

    Increased access to online shopping , VOIP, and media sharing would help relieve the strain on infrastructure and the biosphere Eg less paper/ink, less vehicles in transit, lower phone charges, and a decrease in personal isolation (calling relatives over VOIP is more attractive than long distance calls).

    To pay for the implementation/maintenance, I propose that the government establish a profitable corporation that provides VOIP.

    Other start up capital could be accrued in retro from the ensuing productivity that would arise due to the intrinsic benefits to individuals i.e. happier (motivated) society with more expendable income.

    Facilitating the ubiquity of the internet for Australians is a win-win.

    I have presented a simplistic view - but I think that it's elements are worthy of serious enquiry.

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