Edit or add new locations to Google Maps

google_map_edit.pngGoogle has added the ability for users in Australia, New Zealand and the US to edit business listings in Google Maps. But perhaps more interestingly, it's going down the path of user generated content by allowing users to put new locations on Google Maps.

It was already possible to move map markers to correct the location of a home or business, but now anyone with a Google account can add information about businesses such as name, address, phone number, website, or business category, and even mark a business for deletion if it's closed down.

Businesses who have uploaded or edited their own details in the Local Business Centre remain in control of their listings.

Users will also be able to add new locations to Google Maps, including businesses, landmarks or even points of interest by clicking the "add a place to the map" link. Moderators will be approving user added content, but Google is promising that "within moments of adding, others around the world will be able to search for your contributions."

Helping you to make your mark on Google [Google Australia Official Blog]


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