Get Free Copyrighted eBooks in PDF Format at Wowio

Want a free ebook copy of a Kurt Vonnegut novel? Free ebook site Wowio has five of them, along with lots of other copyrighted fiction, literature, comics, and other works. The site offers the wares through sponsorships, and only limits your downloads to three books per day, 30 per month. The two caveats are a somewhat limited selection (as you might expect) and that the site's U.S.-only due to licensing restrictions. Otherwise, it's not a bad place to check for fresh content for your PDA, cell phone or computer screen. For more free page-turners, try the top ten sites for free books and the 100 best free Project Gutenberg books.


    As long as "licensing agreements" and copyright laws work to prevent the free flow of intellectual effort, P2P networks will thrive - and rightly so. I don't care if these people loose money, they deserve to. You can't stop the signal.

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