Evernote takes note of handwriting, photos and more

Noteclipping web service Evernote got an interesting writeup over at the Wired Compiler blog today. You may have used it before - it originally launched as a Windows app - but it's now available in Mac web and mobile versions. I was intrigued because it looks like it has some very cool image recognition capabilities - for example the ability to read handwriting or recognise words in pictures (so searching for the word Ninja will turn up a photo of a billboard with "Ninja" on it, for example). Another cool thing is that the service gives you a unique email address for uploading content to your Evernote account - anything you email will be automatically added to your default notebook.

You can see some of the cool features in the video above. I've applied for the beta - so if I get in I'll write up some more detailed notes on what it's like.

Evernote offers a backup for your brain [Wired Compiler blog]


    Onenote pwned the application version in every way with a tablet pc with the handwriting reading and recognition of words in pictures. Perhaps the web version has a difference but it doesn't appear do all that much..and portability with onenote is equal.

    Bin using the free evernote for years and wouldn't do without it. It wins over onenote for its simplicity.
    Tried onenote but there was quite a learning curve and one had to spend time actually organising stuff whereas evernote is my messy drawer. I just dump stuff in it - i mean ANY stuff, i don't have to sort or categorize.
    And i love "Add to evernote" from the right click from anywhere. Then chronology or search. Guess having this all online in the new version is pretty good too.

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