Tips for Productivity in Ubuntu

Evan Meagher's written an interesting overview of the "advanced desktop effects" built into Ubuntu 7.10. He talks through virtual desktops, ADD Helper, Scale and Focus Desktop, but saves the biggest kudos for Gnome-Do.
Gnome-Do is for Gnome/Ubuntu what Quicksilver is for OS X - an app which lets you do a large number of things such as open apps, URLs, bookmarks or folders just by typing their name and hitting enter:

"With the right set of plugins, you can start chats in Pidgin by typing in contact’s names, play music without having to actually interact with your media player, search the web, or put your computer to sleep, just to name a few. You can tie Compiz Animation to it too, just to make it even more cool-looking."

Got any personal Ubuntu productivity favourites to share? Leave them in comments please!

Full-throttle Productivity and Web-Work with Ubuntu [Anywired]


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