Ecotopia: A to-do list for futurists

Sci-Fi blog I09 wanders into eco-utopia today with its To-do list for Futurists. Inspired by novelist Ernest Callenbach, it lists five practical things you can do, including recycling the waste you produce, and repurposing an old machine which you were going to throw out.
It also encourages people to reach out and work together:

"Spend one day volunteering with an organization or getting together with friends to help your community produce less environment-damaging waste. Think broadly about what it means to produce less waste. It could mean everything from cleaning up garbage in natural areas, to helping someone else refurbish their old computers. The point of this item on the to-do list is to work with other people (even if it's online) to reduce polluting waste, because you can't change the future all by yourself."

It also recommends a book called "Collapse" by Jared Diamond - which is about how societies destroy themselves by misusing natural resources.

To-do List for Futurists [I09]


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