Does Your Phone Auto-Check Email?

Does Your Phone Auto-Check Email?

Productivity consultant Jared Goralnick offers ten reasons why your phone shouldn’t automatically notify you the moment you receive a new email message—like protecting your sanity, for one. Some phone email clients (like Gmail Mobile for Java-based phones) require that you start them up to check your mail; other devices like the Blackberry check automatically and notify you the moment a new message lands in your inbox. It may seem convenient to have your phone auto-check email, but do the constant interruptions actually save you time? After the jump, tell us how you like email on your phone—pushed to you on the fly or only there when you check.

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Why or why don’t you use “push email” on your phone? Let us know in the comments.


  • Like most (I suspect) I get my email when I ask for it, and my iPhone handles that setting well. I’ve seen guys I work with be mid sentence and then pull a phone out of their pocket and be totally derailed.

    If I had no choice to be pinged all the time I would not buy the device.

  • I have two email accounts on my phone. One auto checks, one doesn’t. The auto checker is my absolute personal account. The manual one checks newsletters, subscriptions, signups, etc. But until I figured out how to get my iPhone to check that second one manually, it did drive me crazy.

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