Does this mean Telstra got the iPhone?


UPDATED 10.30am, 6 March

With Apple Australia still silent on when we’ll get the iPhone, the rumour mill has been working overtime about which carrier (or carriers) will get the coveted contract when it launches in Australia.  I’ve just spotted a job ad which should help kick the rumour mill along.
Sensis has placed a job ad seeking a Design BA for an iPhone search application on an industry website – does this mean Telstra got the iPhone contract?
The Sensis ad, listed on 3 March on the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association website, offers a 2-3 month, Melbourne-based contract.
The job spec reads:

Are you a business analyst with experience gathering and documenting
requirements for interactive web or mobile products? We’re looking for
a BA with a technical front-end UI background to help us design
cutting-edge search applications for the iPhone. This isn’t boring old
specification-heavy BA work. This is exciting and agile BA work to help
us envision mobile search applications that work great and look
beautiful. Let us know if you think you’ve got the right combination of
creative flair, geekiness, and detail orientation to get the job done.

I’ve emailed Sensis for further information – it’s possible that Sensis will be developing its own search app similar to Google’s iPhone  optimised search app for use by multiple carriers. Either that, or Telstra’s Edge network (the only one in Australia compatible with the current  iPhone) has won the contract to bring the iPhone to Australia. Hopefully we’ll know more tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Just heard back from Sensis, who say “We intend to develop iPhone applications which can be used across carriers.” Ok, we’ll go back to hoping that iPhone in Australia will be a multi-carrier affair. 🙂


  • Telstra rang me the other day, to try and sell me a mobile plan.
    I explained that I was happy with Virgin Mobile, and that I would only move back to Telstra if/when they won the iPhone.

    The rep on the phone was a little cryptic, basically saying “There’s only been an internal announcement so far, and no public information to release as yet…”

    Certainly sounded to me like the rep knows something we don’t!

  • I went into a Non Telstra, Non Optus Phone outlet today where my wife purchased a Blackberry. I stated that I was holding out for the iPhone. The salesman asked whether I wanted to see the iPhone. They went out the back and brought a iPhone in its box sealed. He stated they will be released “this side of July” and that they can order stock now ready for release. However Apple has only sent 8Gig non 3G phones for the intitial launch.

    My assumptions from this is that they will not be locked to one carrier.

  • If people in retail stores and call centres knew about the iPhone launch, everyone would by now…

    Sensis is probably just getting their apps ready for the iPhone. It’s be to their advantage who ever gets the deal…

  • Yes, I noted this on Lifehacker a couple of days ago. The search function on the site seems to be broken at the moment, but my comment was along the lines of legal opinion is just opinion until it’s tested in court, but I hope Apple will take it on board and go with a multi-carrier strategy in Australia. 🙂

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