Check out ‘Lab with Leo’ before Foxtel cancels it

Check out ‘Lab with Leo’ before Foxtel cancels it

Thanks to Hydrapinion blogger David Hague, I’ve just discovered that not only does Foxtel have a How-to channel, but it even has a DIY show made for Canadian and Australian audiences. Unfortunately I’ve learned this because the show in question, Lab with Leo, has just been cancelled.
David says the show airs at 9.30pm each night on Foxtel’s How-to channel (Channel 118) and focuses on computing, photography and gadgets with regular expert guests. Leo, the California-based host, takes calls from the audience via Skype and talks over their tech problems. Apparently around half of the calls are from Australia, so the show has been tailored to remove excessive ‘americanisms’, while still giving us a sneak peek at the tech that usually arrives north of the equator before we get to see it.
If you’ve got Foxtel, might be worth checking it out before it finishes up!

New Media – the Jury is Out [Hydrapinion]


  • There is actually a bt tracker that was set up by the channel that produces it in canada (G4 i think?) where you can download the show. I don’t have the link handy but a quick google search will find it for you (if you can’t find it, try abbreviating “lab with leo” to “lwl”)

  • I cant believe that they are cancelling the one show that has been made in the last 6 months. I’m so sick of Repeat-o-vison, I mean FOXTEL.

    I swear if they can The Daily Show im going to be livid!!

    Here I was thinking that maybe, just maybe they would show it in HD but they can it instead…

  • I’m highly disappointed. When I moved out to Mount Isa and jumped on the Austar wagon (as regular telly had next to nix) I discovered Call for Help and became a nightly viewer. I was sour enough that the time slot had been moved later in the night this year, but this has done it for me. Thanks for the note on the tracker John

  • Lab with Leo is great, and Leo Laporte is a legend, but this sort of programming has a fraught history – read up about TechTV. The future is online and Laporte himself through his TWIT network as well as others such as Revision3 are leading the way.

    I’m a Foxtel subscriber but not for much longer. I only keep it for the news channels. Everything else I download these days (including Lab with Leo). The ABC needs to set up a 24 hour digital free to air news channel, then Foxtel will be dead to me.

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