Coolest Cubicle Contest, Part Two

Last week we kicked off our Coolest Cubicle Contest with a bang, but we had no idea what kind of cubicles would come pouring in after you saw the first batch. This week, we're looking at everything from wood-paneled cabins to dungeons and castles and beyond. So hit the jump to see how your fellow Lifehackers are making the most of their company-issued cube-shaped corner of the world.

Cabin Fever

Reader Angie Jantz says: "Everyone needs a place to do their business. Not that kind of business, sicko, the work kind. Being a graphic designer and a random person in general, I like to be in an environment that inspires me creatively, usually that means something a bit off the beaten path. I have done some smaller cube themes before but fairly contained and just generally on the weenie scale.

"This one is all cabin. Full on faux - wood panelling (contact paper), animal heads and bodies (stuffed and inflatable, naturally) flowers, and artwork. Apparently I was going for John Waters does The Great Outdoors kind of look. And look, there it is. Majestic. (One lone tear just rolled down your right cheek, didn't it?)"

Cabin FeverCabin FeverCabin FeverCabin FeverCabin FeverCabin Fever

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Cubicle Castle

castle.png Reader Bjorn Leffler says: "Here's is my office cubicle. I wanted to create something fun and playful to cheer up the surrounding office space. Everything was built from scratch and tailor made to fit the size of the cubicle."

Check out more details from Bjorn, including how he built a second story (!) to his cubicle, in the gallery.

Cubicle CastleCubicle CastleCubicle CastleCubicle CastleCubicle Castle

The Torture Chamber

torture-chamber.png Reader Lydia Pope says: My cubicle is a dungeon! A Torture Chamber to be more precise. I designed it to get in the mood for work. *smiles with an evil grin*

The theme of it is based on my character's profile. I work for Sony Online Entertainment as a Community Relations Manager. My avatar character name is Zatozia the Torturess. (Full title Zatozia the Torturess in the Shadows). Zatozia is an evil dark elf full of hate and pure evil. She was created by an evil god name Innoruuk who sculpted her to torture everyone.

My cubicle was transformed back in October 2007. After Halloween ended, everyone kept asking me when I was taking down my Halloween decorations. I kept responding, "What's Halloween?" Check the gallery for the entire lore behind her cubicle.

The Torture ChamberThe Torture ChamberThe Torture ChamberThe Torture ChamberThe Torture ChamberThe Torture Chamber

Espresso Cubicle

espresso.png Reader Matt Smith says: "The crown jewel of my cube isn't what's in front of me, but rather what I have right behind me. I run a commercial-grade espresso machine from my cube, complete with a Mazzer Mini grinder, milk fridge, and assortment of syrups and flavorings. As the mood strikes, I need only turn around t o make myself a latte or skim coconut mocha with an extra shot. (For any coffee geeks, I pull Intelligentsia Coffee's Black Cat Espresso Blend) I have a tip jar and open door policy next to the machine to keep my coworkers happy and caffeinated."

Espresso CubicleEspresso CubicleEspresso CubicleEspresso CubicleEspresso CubicleEspresso Cubicle

Star Wars and Guitars

sw-guitars.png Reader Steven Crouch says: "I am an Interactive Designer on Fender's web team, and I like to have lots of fun stuff around me to keep me inspired. There may be quite a bit on my desk and cubicle walls, but everything has its place and is always organised. All day long I get visitors to my cube to hang out and everyone either plays with something or comments on something they see ... Particularly the Star Wars merchandise."

Hit the gallery for a closer look and more descriptions from Steven.

Star Wars and GuitarsStar Wars and GuitarsStar Wars and GuitarsStar Wars and GuitarsStar Wars and Guitars

Tear Down and Build Up

tear-down.png Reader Ted McDonald offers five simple steps to turning your little corner of the world into a cool cubicle:

  1. Remove the crummy built-in cubicle desk and cabinets
  2. Put in a real desk and file cabinet, so that you're facing sunlight and keeping people from looking over your shoulder
  3. Cover the vomit-coloured cubicle walls with coloured corrugated paper
  4. Throw in some real chairs and lamps
  5. Plaster walls with photos and pictures of what motivates you.

Tear Down and Build UpTear Down and Build UpTear Down and Build UpTear Down and Build Up

And that's it for week two, thanks to everyone who submitted. If you've submitted but haven't seen your cubicle yet, we've got one more week to go, so your cubicle may grace our pages yet.


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