Chat Across IM Platforms with Pidgin 2.4

Chat Across IM Platforms with Pidgin 2.4

Windows/Unix: Free, open source instant messaging application Pidgin has just released a significant new update, chock full of bug fixes and some snazzy new features—among them more file transfer support, interface improvements, and improved customisation. For more details on the changes, check out the official ChangeLog. Pidgin is free, open source, works on all Windows and Unix platforms. If you’re new to Pidgin, check out the ten must-have Pidgin plug-ins to get even more out of the killer cross-platform app. If you’re a die-hard Pidgin user, let’s hear why you love Pidgin in the comments.


  • went from pidgin bak to trillian, file transfers were maddeningly slow and frankly pidgin was just too spartan for my taste.
    Had some other quirks like the two line entry window which claims to have been changed in the latest iteration but doesn’t seem to work.
    Trillian is just a richer experience all round.

  • I really don’t like Pidgin anymore since 2.4.0. The auto-resize input field is a terrible feature. The developers will not change it back. The community has asked, and they are basically ignoring us. I am looking for a pidgin alternative. I have removed Pidgin from my PC and started using Meebo exclusively. If anyone knows of another good multiprotocol IM client that isn’t called Trillian please leave a message here.

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