Burn 600 Calories a Day Typing

Writer Jonathan Fields wants to exercise while he blogs, and he does it with the previously mentioned treadputer: a treadmill with a computer on its dashboard.

That picture below is little old me walking 1 mile per hour while blogging...at my desk. I'm there from 8:30am t 12:30pm, five day a week now. And, here's the amazing thing...It doesn't even feel like exercise! One mile per hour is the equivalent of a very slow walk. It's slower than the pace I usually follow whenever I am on the phone (I have to move when I talk or feel like I'm gonna die). You don't really get tired, you don't sweat and, at my weight... By lunchtime, I've already burned around 600 friggin' calories!

At one mile an hour, you're not bouncing around so much as to make typing impossible. Love this idea of simple multitasking, keeping the blood flowing while computing. Do want.


    The Walkstation is available for about $4,000. I wonder who had the idea first or if there are any copyright issues...?

    You know you could just get the net runner for $99 if you are into this. Someone I know uses one, and has got me thinking into buying one as well. They go for only US$99 instead of 4-6K. If anyone is interested you can get it at http://www.thenetrunner.com/

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