Australian leisure time moving online

An ABS snapshot of how Australians spent their leisure time in the decade 1997-2006 shows that our internet usage has grown, while traditional pursuits are stagnating or declining.
The 'How Australians Use Their Time' study found our internet use has grown by six minutes a day, to an average of 19 minute a day.
While our time spent reading newspapers has declined from an average 13 minutes a day to 11 minutes a day, our TV/DVD viewing has remained at a whopping 165 minutes a day. Books also remained steady at 8 minutes a day.
The ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) study covers a very interesting period of time - widespread use of the internet as a leisure tool wasn't really around back in 1997. And even if you wanted to watch internet TV, the lack of available bandwidth meant it wasn't really an option - but these days YouTube represents a vast slab of internet traffic all on its own.
One thing the ABS didn't seem to account for was the 'bleed' between mediums which has occurred over that time. Many people read newspapers online these days, and ditto watching news, sport, TV and radio. Games and hobbies were also hived off in a separate category - which is laughable considering how many hours many gamers spend online gaming.


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