Apple Store

Apple should open the doors of its first Australian store by June, and two more shops are expected to follow later this year, according to the SMH.
The fitout of the flagship store in Sydney's CBD is close to being finished, and the article says Apple has been advertising for staff for another Sydney store (probably at Chatswood) and one in Melbourne at Chadstone shopping centre. 


    A friend of mine applied for the job - there is meant to be a store in Chatswood, sometime soon. There was talk of this before Christmas, and job applicants weren't even told when the store would be open.

    There's been an Apple Store in Westfield Tuggerah for about two years now...

    What're they on about?

    I can't find any info about the Tuggerah one, but there's clearly Apply stores already in Westfields about:

    These ones are the first Apple owned and operated stores in Australia. The other ones are resellers (ie companies that have a contract with Apple to sell their computers - for example Next Byte).

    The one you linked to is in America! :)

    Haha, whoops, wrong link - I meant to link to the one at Topanga, WA:

    I understand the difference now, however the stores are still called 'Apple Store' (no pseudonyms).

    No matter, if what you say is correct, then I was uninformed of the situation and was wrong :)

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