Wired's List of 33 Things That Suck!

suck.pngThe new Wired has just come through my letterbox, and the cover story is "Why Things Suck". They list 33 lousy products and failed technologies - from teleconferencing and printer cartridges to spam filters and wireless speakers, and ask WHY?
If I had to nominate my pet tech peeve at the moment I would have to say it's customer service, particularly in the telco space. Don't get me started on how difficult it was to churn providers recently, and how tempted I was to take my new provider to the Ombudsman for their poor handling of my credit check (the person handling my complaint said that the credit check department had assumed based on my accent that I was a recent arrival from overseas - which was not only incorrect but shows a really revolting bias in their methods too).
Time for some unabashed venting, methinks. So what's your pet tech-related peeve, and how do you reckon it can (or should) be fixed?


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