What Tools Do You Use in Your Mobile Office?

With the increasing amount of online services available for your perusal, many workers are going mobile more and more—or they're at least taking the opportunity to travel while not feeling too detached from work life. The Computerworld Blog suggests Lifehacker favourites to create your mobile office, including Flickr for photo storage, Skype for phone calls, Zoho for office software, and I Want Sandy as your to do list. What are the indispensable tools for you when you travel and still need to be connected? Share your favourite webapps in the comments.


    Make the most of your mobile phone as a mobile office. For example, the Nokia E65 can be used for
    - Checking and compose all POP3 emails using Gmail application (and setting up gmail to check all your pop3 accounts automaticall)
    - Word processing, excel spreadsheet changes/updates and powerpoint tweaking using QuickOffice
    - Find out where you are and how to get to the next location using Google Maps application
    - Locate a free WIFI location around the city by using the WIFI search on the phone.
    - Translate to another language and have the phone speak it out to the person using XS2theWorld application.

    Anyway thats some of the tips regarding the use of a Nokia E65 most of which come from http://mye65.blogspot.com

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