Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Geek?

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Geek?

Valentine’s Day is just over a week away, which means if you’re planning on getting something for your sweetheart this year, your remaining time to buy is quickly dwindling. You could go the DIY route and make something like the “sexy secret book” in the video above, but chances are you’ve already got tonnes of really great ideas to help out your fellow readers put together one helluva Valentine’s Day. Let’s hear your V-day gift ideas for the geek in the comments.


  • Vouchers are an idea, however you are limiting your geek to shopping at a particular store.

    Visa or Mastercard Gift cards are available which allows shopping at any store that accepts those credit cards. (Even online stores! Whoopeeee!)

    It is nice to add a bit of extra thought to the gift, so keep an ear out to see what project he is working on or which area of geekdom he needs a gift for(Home theater PC, Car-Geekification, T-Shirts)

    If it really helps, I recieved a gift from a family member from which was a Wi-Fi detecting t-shirt.
    Another great shirt would be the ‘No, I will not fix your computer’ shirt.

    Listen to your geek long enough, and you will find what he/she wants.

    P.S. Sex works well too…

  • @Gish Sex on valantynes day? Unheard of.

    Agreed, it’s all about meeting people’s needs, rather than trying to create them. See my first comment. Eg. If they do outdoors, grab them a skeletal leatherman.

    But does that really mean we actually have to listen to them? That would involve spending time in the same room with them, with out mouthes closed, computers off, and attention in one direction. You already have to do that on the 14th, do we have to do it twice?

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