Unobfusticate the Australian Financial Review

If you follow Australian news online news, you probably know that the Australian Financial Review locks up most of its online content to paid subscribers only. Recently they've been loosening up this policy somewhat - so you'll sometimes see AFR content posted over at the website of sister magazine, MIS.
But the AFR seems pretty attached to its online copy. So much so that recently it's begun "obfuscating" its pages so that if you select text in the browser (or view source), it litters the text with " " converting it to unreadable gibberish - presumably to stop people cutting and pasting their content.
This is bizarre - often people like to cut and paste to read later, or to email to a friend to tell them about the article, or to quote in their blog. Enter the Deobfusticator -  a website created by Lindsay Evans which lets you enter an AFR URL and get a page of readable text in return. Thanks for helping us keep the Fin somewhat user friendly, Lindsay. :)


    Yes it is highly annoying. Most large financial media are moving to a free online model with advertising to provde their revenue. Even the wall street journal (a tad bigger then the AFR) is moving to this model. I like the AFR, but am not paying its ridiculous subscription fees for news that is essentially one day old. With the amount of financial media available the AFR is not the only new source in town. For my finance blog - - I rarely use the AFR for research now. The free articles that they do have available are pretty general and dated. Bloomberg, ShareCafe, and other finance blogs provide all the information I need.

    Not sure the unobfuscator is still working. I tried it with this article and nothing came up on the page.

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