Tips and tricks for using the Melbourne public transport system

A poster to the melbournemaniac Livejournal community has written a very cool guide with tips and tricks for using the Melbourne public transport system.

Some of the highlights:

*Validate (or purchase) your 2-hour tram ticket just after the hour, as it rounds up and you'll get nearly three hours of travel out of it (ie a 2.10 pm ticket will be valid until 5pm)
*if you validate a 10x2 hour ticket twice in the same day it lasts until 3am the following day - effectively it becomes a daily ticket. This makes the 10 x 2 ticket better value than buying the similarly priced 5 x daily tickets.
*If you have a weekly or monthly ticket that is _just_ zone 1 or 2, on a weekend it will be both - great value if you're travelling across town to the footie on the weekend.
*If you validate a 2 hour ticket (also applies to 10x2 hourlies) after 6pm it lasts until 3am. Don't buy a daily if you're going to be out all night, use a two hourly and validate post 6pm - another reason why a 10x2 hour ticket is better value than buying 5 daily tickets.

The guide also has a number of tips on how to avoid/sweet talk tram inspectors - but it's also worth nothing that there's a big crackdown on fare evaders at the moment, so trying to save money by skipping the tram fare probably isn't worth it!
So that's Melbourne. People from other cities - care to share your public transport tips? If I get enough of them I'll do a roundup of the best tips for each town/city.

Public Transport Tips
[Melbourne Maniacs]


    This page also has tips for using Melbourne's public transport:

    Thanks for that!

    Any tips for Brisbane?
    I got got one of the new Go Cards. I don't know why more people don't have them - if the machines can't get signal (happens a lot) you ride for free.

    In Perth, avoid all buses to Rockingham. Unless you like the smell of glue and stale whiskey.

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