What are your favourite tips for tab control in Firefox

firefox_logo_big.pngWe here at Lifehacker love rocking the 'fox, and we love our browser extensions too. Every time my computer or browser crashes and Firefox offers to reopen all the tabs I had open before the crash, I'm reminded of what a fan I am of tabbed browsing.
I've been exploring some tab control addons which were suggested by the MakeUseOf blog - and while there are some suggestions there I liked (colouring your tabs, using Vertigo to create a tabs column down the left hand side of your browser), there's one functionality I'm searching for, and I'm hoping Lifehacker readers might have the answer.
I often end up with 10-15 open tabs that I want to save for later reading. Right now I manually bookmark each one, which means closing my browser takes way too long. I'd love a way to mass bookmark and close my open tabs (preferably to del.icio.us, but just in Firefox's onboard bookmarks if that's not an option). Is there a tool to let me single click save all those tabs?
Any tips welcome.


    ctrl + shift + d

    Bookmark all tabs has been an option in bookmarks menu for a long time.

    Hi, A possible solution to bulk saving bookmarks is by using 'Tab Mix Plus' extension. This extension has an option to Bookmark All Tabs via its context menu when right clicking a tab. Hope that helps.

    I'm not sure if this is totally what you're looking for, but Firefox already has a feature alot like that, in bookmarks, it has a button you can press to bookmark all open tabs.

    Hey hey. Tab Mix Plus lets you save a session with a unique name, and come back to it later. A session is basically a list of the tabs you have open, so when you load that session all those tabs will pop back up. You can then delete that session anytime, or just keep it forever!

    Tim found the right answer. Opera's has a Save Session option, and looks like Tab Mix Plus gives you the same feature for Firefox.

    Just right click on any tab and select "Bookmark All Tabs. You will then get the option of throwing all open tabs into a bookmark folder for later view. Hope this helps.

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