Shave Like Your Granddad

With the the mass-production of disposable shaving products, the Art of Manliness blog claims that traditional shaving of our grandparents' time no longer the norm. Perhaps, however, it should be. A classic wet shave reduces costs, decreases the impact on the environment, and allows for more consistent shaves. All you really need is a double-edged safety razor, sharp blades, a shaving brush, and the proper soap or cream. After you've stocked up on supplies, aim for technique:

The four keys to a successful shave with a safety razor are 1) use as little pressure as possible; 2) angle the blade as far away from your face as possible; 3) shave with the grain; and 4) go for beard reduction, not beard removal.

When you're done, rinse and apply aftershave. The article goes into great detail on the process as well as recommended products that can make your face all nice and baby smooth. Photo by yacht_boy.


    I lather each morning with nitro glycerin, and shave with a dull, rusty, butter knife that is on fire - all while juggling kittens. Sometimes I set the kittens on fire just to keep me on my toes.

    That's how grandpa used to do it.

    That's how a real mean shaves.

    End of story.

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