Rip DVDs for Easy Playing on Playstation 3

The Tech-Recipes blog posts a relatively simple, two-software-program method for grabbing the video from your DVDs and converting them to a PS3-playable MP4 format. Depending on the size of your PS3 hard drive, this method might only work for a handful of DVDs, but you could tinker with the video quality settings to make your console a jukebox of films, no Blu-ray burning required. The tutorial uses the same DVD Decrypter program Adam highlighted in his guide to copying DVDs to your iPod, as well as a lesser-known tool dubbed PS3 Video 9. Have an easier, quicker solution for transporting your own movies to your console? Offer them up in the comments.Photo by DeclanTM.


    ps3 video 9 is incredibly slow and file sizes are almost double that of avi's i used to use that, the best way to convert is using winavi 9.0 converts on my dual core in 30 mins from dvd, size is around 700 mb always , i have 30 films and 30 music videos (160mb)each on my 60gb ps3 and i still have 20gb left so this would be the best option i think.


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