Declutter the web with Greasemonkey

This is a short, sharp and hilarious video explaining how to "fix the web" with Greasemonkey - although if I told you the user script host Paul Fenwick is demoing is called "My Space for unsocial fascist bastards" that would probably give you a better idea of the sense of humour involved.

Paul won a prize at last week for the best three minute "lightning talk" with this presentation. As soon as I saw it I wanted to get it up on Lifehacker, and Paul has kindly put it on YouTube so I could share it.

Paul says his script (available here) is "almost certainly not as good as the other MySpace de-junking
scripts out there, and exists mostly for educational purposes." At the end he encourages everyone to check out the vast number of scripts that are already available online through libraries like

Thanks for the movie, Paul. :)

Fixing the Web [Paul Fenwick]


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